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เย๊ ด ฟรี

Leading UK entertainment specialist.

Providing entertainment to hotels and their banqueting clients for over 25 years.

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Weddings & Anniversaries

Ensure your occasion is a success & a cherished memory

Corporate event & Presentations

We have the teams & experience to help organise your event

Holiday Parks, venues & cruises

Camscott have supplied quality artistes & acts for over 25 years to holiday parks up and down the country.

Entertainment Packages

We can provide an evening of entertainment for any occasion

Why choose Camscott Leisure

Camscott Leisure has specialised in the supply of entertainment to venues, holiday parks, hotels and their banqueting clients for over twenty five years. With our services you gain the benefit of? our knowledge and experience as well as first class entertainment.

Read what other clients have said

It’s easy to say we know what we are doing, but don’t take our word for it. Take a moment to read what venues & clients alike have said about us !



TEL: 01253 893999


TEL:?07736 375959

What you can expect from Camscott Leisure



With our services you gain the benefit of our experience and expertise as well as first class entertainment.



Camscott Leisure offer a comprehensive range of services to our many corporate and private clients worldwide.



As?one of the UK’s Leading Entertainment Specialist we can offer you excellence at superb value.



We have highly qualified staff to provide a reliable, personal and friendly service.


Private Hen Party

Thank you so much Cameron and team for all your help in organising our Murder Mystery night for my daughter’s hen party. We had a fantastic night such good fun. Would recommended you to anyone who is looking for a party with a difference

Suzanne Armstrong

Hilton Hotel Client

Just to say a massive thank you for all your help in selecting our entertainment – for the Blackpool 2017 Album Conference held at the Hilton Hotel – couldn’t have done it without you !

Deborah Vallance

HB Projects Ltd - Function

25th Anniversary of business this year.? We held a fun weekend for all the employees in Blackpool to celebrate this occasion.? What a fabulous weekend had by all, which Camscott Leisure helped to arrange.? Especially with all the arrangements for the Gala Dinner and the children’s activities.? Thanks to Cameron for his great support.

Kal Petal

Benson Wedding Party


Dear Cameron, Just a note to ask you to thank all the entertainers who contributed so much to Clare’s wedding day – namely Branka Crowder, Tony Benedict and The Keytars. They all did a fantastic job and were much enjoyed by all our guests. Thanks also to you for your patience in making all the arrangements.

Julie (Clares Mother)

Private Client

Thank you so much for organizing the disco. Chris is a true professional and did us a fantastic night. You exceeded our expectations from start to finish . Kind Regards

Julie Morris

Request a call back

5 + 1 =

One of our team will be happy to give you a call back during your requested times slot to discuss your entertainment requirements. We look forward to helping provide you with the very best in entertainment.

Cameron Scott



TEL: 01253 893999



TEL:?07736 375959

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